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Our Mission

To provide essential garments designed to supportrecovery and healing for many inflammatory conditions including lymphedema, arthritis, edema following surgery, fracture, burns, or other trauma and even with exercise.Our garments are scientifically designed and carefully manufactured to guarantee comfort, self-confidence, self- esteem, and faster recovery to every patient, at an affordable price.

Our Vision

To become the leading provider of aesthetically pleasing garments that promote the physical healing and emotional well-being of breast cancer patients, survivors, pre-vivors and those living with metastatic breast cancer in the U.S and the world. In addition, our garments combine fun and fashion with function for individuals living with edema from other common causes.

Our Promise

To provide products that are manufacturedwith the highest quality materials and exquisite workmanship to bring you only the best in compression garments that celebrates your body and allows you to express your unique style.

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Executive Staff

Our co-founders combined have more than 83 years of experience in medicine, international corporate management, business acumen and sales expertise.

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Camilo F. Sanchez

Chief Executive Officer

With over 29 years of international sales and business development experience in 27 countries spread out over 3 continents, Mr. Sanchez has developed top level executive skills and experience. Having worked for companies such as S.C. Johnson, Lafayette Textiles, Alusud-Alcoa among many others. Mr. Sanchez is a proven success, entrepreneur and business owner. He has vast experience in high level personal security, telecommunications and high-end technology in both the corporate and medical fields. In addition, Mr. Sanchez has served as Chair in multiple Boards in Colombia S.A. and in the U.S.A. He also consults for foreign and domestic companies whose focus is on expanding their geographical footprint. Likewise, he assists domestic companies to invest in the Latin American market. He co-directs and co-produces his own radio show with Almavision Radio 87.7 FM in Miami FL. called “Analisis Global” or Global Analysis. He is a personal coach and mentor for Team 20 of Florida and a business coach at ERJ Broward, and former professor of Logistics and Distribution Management and Marketing Administration at Unitec College. Since childhood and having been encouraged by his father Fernando, Mr. Sanchez developed a deep commitment to defend and support women’s rights and respect their desire to live a fulfilled life. His legacy continues as he closely works with his three sons; Pablo, Jose Daniel and Mateo teaching them his commitment to the community. Mr. Sanchez holds a Bachelors degree in Marketing and Advertisement, a postgraduate degree in Financial Management, and an MBA. He also has a certificate in quality control process.

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Dr. Sheri Prentiss M.D.

Chief Medical & Development Officer

Dr. Sheri is a proven visionary, author and highly sought after physician leader. She is a board certified occupational & environmental medicine physician, public health expert, and a breast cancer survivor. Throughout her decades of clinical practice further fueled by her unique perspective as a physician and a patient, she has mastered emotional intelligence and as such she has become “mindful” in the practice of medicine. Her mindfulness has allowed her treatment to transcend medicine. In addition to helping patients and healthcare practitioners transform how healthcare is delivered and experienced she also shares her story, her voice, her life, and her victory in awe-inspiring and motivational ways. As an expert in transformative medicine, a natural extension of her own personal vision and mission in life is to educate consumers that healthcare and being healthy should be experienced joyfully through consistently positive, personalized and productive interactions with their healthcare practitioners. Personally, Dr. Sheri underwent a partial mastectomy, a lymph node dissection, 15 rounds of chemotherapy and 33 rounds of radiation. Subsequently in 2010, she was diagnosed with clinically disabling lymphedema (persistent swelling) of her right arm and hand and can no longer perform the clinical functions of her career as a physician.

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Chief Marketing


Her amazing bio will be published soon.

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